Agenda BBS Seminar Meta-Analysis of Clinical Safety Data PDF

This BBS seminar takes place on Thursday 2 October 2014 8:30-13:00.
Location: Bildungszentrum 21, Missionsstrasse 21, 4003 Basel, Switzerland

Stephen Evans, Do meta-analyses of adverse events have adverse effects?
Brenda Crowe, Comparison of Bayesian and Frequentist Meta-Analytical Approaches for Analyzing Time to Event Data
Michael Gaffney, Model Selection in Meta‐Analysis of Clinical Safety Data – Fixed or Random Study Effect
Amy Xia, Bayesian Meta-Analysis in Drug Safety Evaluation
Jim Slattery, Meta-analysis in EU regulation
Tarek A. Hammad, Sources of Bias in Meta-analysis of RCTs
Mark Levenson, Meta‐Analysis for Safety: Context and Examples at US FDA

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