Health Technology Assessment – Joint BBS/EFSPI Seminar Flyer PDF
Health Technology Assessment – Joint BBS/EFSPI Seminar Program PDF
Health Technology Assessment – Joint BBS/EFSPI Seminar Summary PDF

Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Hegenheimermattweg 91, 4123 Allschwil (direction PDF, building map GIF).

European Statistical Meeting Health Technology Assessment
Fred Sorenson, Health Technology Assessment – Why is it so important?
Matthias Egger and Mike Chambers, Moving HTA forward: The challenges of incorporating real world evidence into Health Technology Assessment
Mike Chambers and Matthias Egger, GetReal: Clinical effectiveness in drug development
Claudia Nicolay, Health Technology Assessment – What’s in for Stats?
Jens Grüger, HTA and personalized healthcare
Skip Olson, HTA – Use of observational, retrospective or prospective studies
Bruno Falissard, The place of subjectivity in the French system (HAS): a good thing or an archaism?
Ralf Bender, Biometrical topics of Health Technology Assessment in Germany
Friedhelm Leverkus, 30 Months AMNOG Health Technology Assessment: Outcomes and Issues
Lou Garrison, HTA in Emerging Markets: A Framework and Examples
Richard Nixon, Using early health economic models to support drug development decisions
Chrissie Fletcher, Using indirect treatment comparisons to support an HTA

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